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Dec 15, 2023

"Pastel", the new album by Matthias Lindner

German guitarist Matthias Lindner is releasing a new album with four

tracks in April.

Matthias Lindner has classical training and has been writing

compositions for the classical guitar for many years. His style moves

between romantic and modern and appeals to listeners because he

always has a depth of expression and illuminates the nuances of the


The four pieces of the album are a dreamy journey through the soul:

At first "Pastel" is a melodic piece with a quiet, contemplative part.

“Reverence” opens the space to new paths and allows you to look

positively into the future. The ethereal "Dreamscape" is a calming

introspection of your own possibilities and thoughts. "Intermezzo" delves to the bottom and the melody

drifts through a timeless space.

The pieces were recorded by Matthias Lindner at home and mixed by a professional sound engineer. The

voluminous, balanced sound corresponds to the wide spaces of the individual pieces.

A little treasure in the series of the publications by Matthias Lindner. It can be found on all well-known music

platforms and on his homepage:

There is a certain similarity to the CD "Inner life", which you should definitely listen to if you like the current


More on: Spotify [link] and Instagram [link]